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EPSO Assessment Centre Webinar - Recording

  • Perfect assessment centre preparation for all EPSO Administrator profiles
  • Recording of two-part (240-minute) webinar
  • Background materials: Q&A memo, workbook, additional exercises
  • Preparation resources, useful websites, background reading information
  • Answers to real participants' questions recorded
  • Want to participate in the live event? Book a date now!

EPSO Assessment Centre Recordings

"It's a good idea to have experience with the group exercise before the 'real' one. A lot of tips and tricks, very useful!"

(Participant, 2013)


  • Two-part, 240-minute webinar recording, available any time until the end of the AD assessment period


  • online, available from anywhere in the world

How to get it:

  • apply and we send you the link to the recording and background materials

Participant Q&A:

  • a detailed Q&A memo of the original event is available for you to consult

Who should attend:

  • candidates admitted to the assessment centre for the EPSO/AD/230/12 (AD5) competition
  • candidates admitted to the assessment centre for the EPSO/AD/231/12 (AD7) competiton
  • Relevant for all profiles:



  • András Baneth, Online EU Traning

Topics covered:

  • Rationale behind assessment centres
  • EPSO assessment centre exercises
  • Competency matrix and its relation to the various exercises
  • Oral presentation best practices, tips and tricks
  • Group exercise - types of exercises, strategies, personas
  • Structured interview - approaches, preparation, typical questions, model answers
  • Preparation resources, useful websites, books
  • Questions from real candidates answered

Technical information:

  • Available on any internet-connected computer in the world
  • Browser: Firefox 3 or above, or Internet Explorer 6 or above, Google Chrome
  • Voice via computer speakers or headset
  • Operating system: Windows XP, Vista, 7 or Mac OS X
  • Preferably cable or fast internet connection
  • Adobe Flash player (already installed on 98% of computers worldwide)