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  • Abstract Reasoning
  • Numerical Reasoning
  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Situational Judgement
  • Secretarial Skills Tests
  • E-Tray Tests
  • Case Studies

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  • “ Your online simulations are by far the best available prep tool for succeeding in the EPSO preselection and your AC coaching sessions helped me achieve higher scores than I ever hoped. Best invested time and money ever! ”

    Lana (Croatia)

  • “ Thanks for the outstanding preparation you offer for the EPSO AD preselection screening. Your tests really cover all the areas of the screening and enabled me to assess and enhance my skills significantly. ”

    Marco (Italy)

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The webinars were very helpful. In particular, the "rules" and "tips" were extremely helpful. For example for the verbal, understanding that there are purposeful generalizations or the opposite really helps. I think the webinars really helped me understand better what is required.

Paola (UK)