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Video: Free Info Webcast: EU Job Exams for Croatian Citizens



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Everything you need to know about EPSO competitions

The Croatian competitions



Number of positions

The pre-selection

Scoring and reserve list

How can Online EU Training help 








In this Online EU Training webcast, we cover everything you need to know about the 2012 Croatian EPSO competitions. These include everything Croatian applicants need to know to start their journey of becoming an EU Official. We will also discuss the best preparation and practice strategies and how Online EU Training can help.

Video Transcript:

Introduction to the webcast

Let me welcome you here at Arboreus’ Online EU Training’s webcast for the Croatian EPSO exams, which have just been launched, have just been announced by the European Personnel Selection Office. We are here tonight to welcome participants from all over the globe who are listening in to know more of these linguist exams and we will also cover the upcoming exams in September for administrators.

My name is Andras Baneth and I am a senior partner here at Online EU Training, the company operating the EU training website and you may note that ultimately your test book, which I authored with the help of various contributors, the 2012 edition is the latest one that helps you to provide an assistance and help to pass these EPSO exams. I have Gabor Mikes, our managing director helping with all the technical issues and on the page, the Facebook page and live stream page, to make sure all technical issues are taken care of and we are truly European in the sense that I am sitting here in Brussels, he is in the beautiful Scotland and we also have some back up help in Budapest, Hungary. So let’s get started and let’s look at what should be known, what is the main issue for the exams.

On our website, we have quite a large number of users and several hundred of them are EU officials, which we are very proud of and we are very happy for their success. You can also follow us on our Facebook page where we share quite a lot of information. Sometimes some entertaining things, but a lot of useful information with immediate access as soon as we learn about it in the framework of EPSO exams. We also offer test packages. We have quite an extensive database and over 13 million test questions have been used by our users of the website.

Abstract Reasoning in the Museum of Art

Here’s a little image which many people would consider as just how funny and how serious of really how to get into the EU institutions. Well, this is one way, but tonight I will try to share with you deeper insights and really what is the best way to, not just to get in, but to stay there for a long period of time and pursue a successful and happy EU career.

Today's agenda

Today’s agenda is going to be the following:  First we will look at the type of positions which are available for Croatians or, as we will see, Croatian speakers. Then we will go on just a few words on why EU jobs are great. Many of you may be already familiar with why EU jobs are great, but it’s important to say just a few words for those who may not be so familiar with the enormous benefits of working for the European Institutions and to share information on the salary and other perks.

Then we will look at a very practical issue of who is actually eligible. Who can apply for these exams. What sort of pre-condition diploma or other factor do you need to make sure that you are eligible and that you are not excluded by EPSO on formal grounds. Then we look at the language rules and the application deadlines. Language rules, I have to say, are a bit complex given the diversity of the profiles that are currently available, but they should not be a discouraging factor and we’ll try to give you a very clear overview of these rules.

Then we’ll look at again, something on the practical side of where can you expect to work when you are recruited as an EU official because this might be an important factor in your decision to pursue the effort and pursue an EU career.

Then we, I will try to share with you some insights on how to pass the exams and what is the best way to prepare for these exams, to ensure or at least improve your chances of success. This will be followed by a number of useful resources that we also make available on our website, and this is something I’d like to point your attention to so you can benefit of it as much as possible. And those who will stay with us until the end, which would greatly appreciate, there’s going to be a special discount offer only available for 24 hours and only and exclusively for you who are following this event live online.

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