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Arboreus E-Learning - European Commission

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European Commission


Duration: 36 minutes


This e-learning course explains from a practical perspective the structure of the European Commission, its role in EU policy making, the appointment of the Commission President and the College of Commissioners, Directorates General and decision-making in WTO, foreign affairs, regulatory issues and EU affairs.

The European Commission is a key institution in the European Union’s decision-making triangle. This course explains from a practical perspective and in detail the internal administrative structure and role of the Commission in policy making, the appointment of the Commission President and the College of Commissioners, system of Directorates General and many other issues as below:

The European Commission’s Internal Structure
- Role of the Directorates General (DGs)
- 27 Commissioners and 30+ DGs, portfolios
- The High Representative for Foreign and Security Policy
- Policy-making and hierarchy, desk officers and head of units
- Appointments, administrative vs. political roles and powers

Proposing and executing legislation
Exclusive right of initiative, role of European Parliament and Council of Ministers
- Shared competencies in certain policy fields with the EU’s 27 Member States
- Executing European legislation and supervising implementation with other EU institutions

Enforcing EU law and controlling the budget
- The Commission as the guardian of the EU Treaties and what it means in practice
- Its toolkit: reasoned opinions, infringements and cases against Member States
- Proposing and supervising the EU’s budget, controls and checks

Negotiating with 3rd countries
- World Trade Organisation (WTO) negotiations and the Commission’s role
- Accession talks with new Member States, e.g. Croatia



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