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Arboreus E-Learning - The Lisbon Treaty

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The Lisbon Treaty


Duration: 41 minutes


A fully updated (2011), in-depth overview of the European Union's latest rulebook, the Treaty of Lisbon. It covers the newly created European Council President, changes to the EU institutions, the EU's foreign policy, innovations in the EU-level decision-making and provides a clear explanation of the innovations introduced by the new Treaty.

The Treaty of Lisbon was adopted on 13 December 2007 and entered into force on the 1 December 2009. It has introduced dozens of changes to the way the European Union is governed, its competencies, institutions and its procedures.

The course is explained in a non-legal, easy-to-understand manner for business professionals, university students and journalists alike. The course includes the following topics:

Overview of the origins of the Lisbon Treaty
The road from 1957 until 2007, the Constitutional Treaty
Treaty on the European Union, Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union

Institutional changes in the Lisbon Treaty
Changes to the European Commission, Council of Ministers
Voting rules, Members of the European Parliament & seats
The European Council, the High Representative for Foreign Policy

More efficient decision-making in the European Union
Co-decision vs ordinary legislative procedure
New policy areas under co-legislation
New voting rules & the role of the Parliament

Enhanced democracy (new instruments for citizens)
The Charter of Fundamental Rights of the Union
Enhanced role for national parliaments in the EU system
Clarification of competences on EU level, shared & national ones

Foreign policy and external action changes
The High Representative for Foreign Policy, European External Action Service
Defence policy and military procurement, speaking with a single voice

New EU policies and competencies created by the Treaty:
Justice, freedom, security, Energy & climate change
Regional policy, other new EU policies (civil protection, space, tourism)

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By Anonymous | 2011-01-18

Amazing, well done Arboreus!!!