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EPSO AD Numerical Reasoning and Situational Judgement Test

  • EPSO administrators pre-selection methods
  • Numerical Reasoning tests
  • Situational Judgement Test strategies
  • Study tips for administrators tests
  • Recording available for 50 days after purchase
  • Free follow-up materials: written explanations, question & answer memo

“Three cheers for the webinar team, excellent online training!“
Alex (Germany)   



  • Check upcoming training dates above


  • online, available from anywhere in the world

How to join:

  • apply and we send you the link to the event

How to ask questions:

  • via live chat during the event, via email after the event

Who should attend:

  • Candidates in the EPSO/AD/230/12 (AD5) and EPSO/AD/232/12 (AD7)  competitions for administrators - all profiles:
    • European Public Administration
    • Law
    • Audit
    • Communication
    • External Relations


  • Gabor Mikes (in English-language webinars)

Topics covered:

  • How are numerical reasoning tests designed?
  • Numerical reasoning skill layers
  • Data interpreation, reasoning, estimation, calculation
  • Table-handling best-practices, headers, legends
  • Typical traps: information in the question, questions building on each other
  • Situational judgement competencies tested
  • Test-taking strategies: values, competencies, option elimination
  • Worst-case scenario analysis
  • Practice-focused training, lots of exercises, simulation
  • Several qustion & answer blocks
  • Written explanations sent after the webinar
  • Question & Answer memo sent after the webinar

Technical information:

  • Available on any internet-connected computer in the world
  • Live questions via chat
  • Browser: Firefox 3 or above, or Internet Explorer 6 or above, Google Chrome
  • Voice via computer speakers or headset
  • Only full payment of participation fee can secure your place
  • No cancellation possible after payment
  • Arboreus reserves the right of cancelling the event until 5 business days before the event with full refund of the participation fee
  • Operating system: Windows XP, Vista, 7 or Mac OS X
  • Preferably cable or fast internet connection
  • Adobe Flash player (already installed on 98% of computers worldwide)
  • Maximum number of participants: 50 (globally)




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Thanks for the outstanding preparation you offer for the EPSO AD preselection screening. Your tests really cover all the areas of the screening and enabled me to assess and enhance my skills significantly.

Marco (Italy)