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EPSO Pre-Selection Training


26 October 2010 (Tuesday):
2 Hour Pre-Selection Training for EPSO Competitions

Be the best in the EU competitions - Train with Europe's no.1 EPSO service!

Accessible anywhere in the world, LIVE, interactive - max. 50 places!

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View a 4-minute preview to see what it will look like!

"I found your courses very useful. I have already studied a couple of books related to EU tests, but your webinar was by far the most helpful for me." - Joao (Portugal)

Webinar Schedule - Time is CET (Brussels Time)

Tuesday 26 October 2010, 19.00 - 21.00:

  • Succeed in verbal reasoning - regardless of the language of the test!
  • Master numerical reasoning
  • Interactive quizzes, Tips/tricks
  • Secrets of abstract reasoning
  • Expert advice
  • Free follow-up questions
  • The webinar puts the strongest emphasis on Abstract reasoning, followed by Numerical Reasoning and Verbal Reasoning.

The Lecturer

  • Managing Director of Arboreus
  • Experienced psychometric test expert
  • Held dozens of EPSO pre-selection webinars



 Further details

  • It lasts 2 hours (120 minutes)
  • You can ask questions via chat, view the presentation on your screen, listen to the presenter via your computer speakers
  • Interactive features will be built in the system, you will be able to actively participate in the event
  • BONUS: Even if you miss the event, the presentations will be sent to you for your personal use after the even and you can even watch the recording of the webinar for two weeks

What Do Previous Participants Say?

  • "The webinars were very helpful. In particular, the "rules" and "tips" were extremely helpful. For example for the verbal, understanding that there are purposeful generalizations or the opposite really helps. I think the webinars really helped me understand better what is required." - Paola (UK)
  • "The EPSO preparation webinar was clearly structured and well-organized. The presenter seemed well prepared and knowledgeable when answering questions." - EPSO AD Pre-Selection Webinar Participant


  • Fee: 60 EUR (including VAT)
  • If you miss the webinar, we provide you with a link to its recording (which you can view for two weeks)
  • Only full payment of participation fee can secure your place
  • No cancellation possible after payment
  • Arboreus reserves the right of cancelling the event until 22 October with full refund of the participation fee


Technical Requirements

  • Firefox 3 or above, or Internet Explorer 6 or above, Google Chrome browser
  • Computer with speakers or a headset (no microphone needed)
  • Windows XP, Vista, 7 or Mac OS X
  • Preferably cable or fast internet connection
  • Adobe Flash player (already installed on 98% of computers worldwide)
  • Only one person is allowed to log in to view and participate in the webinar, fraudulent use is monitored
  • Maximum number of participants: 50 (globally)


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