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Countdown: 3 days Left to Register for This Year's AD Exam 13 April 2014
Noon (12:00) on 15 April is the very final moment you can submit and validate your application for the 2014 AD generalist (Public Administration) EPSO exam and get an EU job. Apply now or you'll be left waiting until 2015.
40 new positions in the Audit AD competitions 26 March 2014
EPSO just announced the number of positions available for the new Audit competitions.
137 EU Positions Announced: 2014 EPSO AD Exams Launched 12 March 2014
Now that the 2014 AD competitions are officially launched, you will find below all the information you need to get started!
Free EPSO 2014 AD information webcast 10 March 2014
Join us on 13 March for an hour-long free information webcast, where we'll talk about the current AD cycle!
New EPSO Exam for Secretaries: Hundreds of Positions 13 February 2014
EPSO just announced its open competition for secretaries. Hundreds of positions are available, and the new rules offer a very good chance of success - attend the webcast tonight (13 February, from 18:00) or read on for the details.
EPSO AST Methodology Webinars Announced 6 February 2014
The next set of methodology webinars covering all tests in the EPSO AST3 (assistant) exams are open for registration. In the first webinar, we cover abstract, numerical and verbal reasoning, and in the second one, we cover professional skills and the situ
Free 2014 AST information webcast 30 January 2014
Join us on 13 February for an hour-long free information webcast, where we'll talk about the current AST cycle!
EU Careers: What Candidates Think & Ways to Succeed - New e-Book 16 January 2014
From August to October in 2013, Online EU Training conducted a large-scale survey of EU exam perceptions and best practices. We have now tallied the results, drawn the conclusions and attempted to make sense of the results.
New AD & Secretary exams announced 6 January 2014
In EPSO's newly updated forward planning document, you can now find the registration date for both the upcoming AST and AD competitions!
The 2014 EPSO Assistant Exam Cycle 12 December 2013
Exactly a week has passed since registration for the 2014 EPSO AST competitions had started (since 5 December 2013). Read on to find out how we plan to turbo boost your preparation!
2013/14 AST Cycle Registration Dates Announced 30 October 2013
Good news for those who were waiting for the new AST cycle dates - EPSO announced the registration window today!
Online EU Training design facelift 21 October 2013
We've been working on some substantial design changes in the background for a while now - and we are happy (and proud) to present you the first sneak peek of some of the upcoming changes that will be coming to Online EU Training in the near future!
New Service: EPSO Case Study Simulation with Professional Review 12 September 2013
The service hundreds of EU career candidates have been waiting for: 99% realistic, online EPSO AD/AST3 case study simulation service with professional evaluation by former EPSO selection board members.
New Simulation Features on EU Training 9 September 2013
Brand new, amazingly real EPSO simulation features on Online EU Training, including intelligent time-limits and test difficulty settings.
EPSO Translator Methodology Webinars 23 August 2013
We are happy to announce that our live methodology webinars series return - just in time for the translator competitions! Abstract and numerical reasoning - language comprehension and verbal reasoning are all part of the two-part series!
Key changes and surprises in this year's translator and interpreter competitions 11 July 2013
Amazing news for everyone who will participate in this year's EU translator and interpreter competitions - a huge number of places are available and some requirements are now easier to meet - click for the details.
Information Webcast for Interpreters / Translators 2 July 2013
With the new Translators / Interpreters competitions at our doorstep, it's high time for a free webcast, where we talk about everything related to these events. From registration and requirements issues to useful tips and tricks - you will want to jo
100 ICT Security positions announced by EPSO 17 June 2013
EPSO recently announced that competitions for two new ICT security positions with fixed-term contracts will begin in November - with applications already open. Read on for more details!
Free webcast recording: the 2013 EPSO Pachtitis AD exams 31 May 2013
In case you've missed the live event, or you simply want to watch it again - now is your chance! The recording of our free webcast on the repeated 2010 AD competitions - or Pachtitis competitions - has finished uploading and can be watched below.
FREE EPSO AD - Pachtitis Competitions Webcast - 29 May 24 May 2013
Everything you wanted (and need) to know about the repeated AD ("Pachtitis") competitions in an hour long - free webcast! Register now, while there are still spaces left!

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    Below you will find the complete recording of the webcast  held on 13, February 2014 about the 2014 EPSO AST secretary competitions. Contents include: - 2014 EPSO secretary competition tips & tricks  - Qualification, diplomas needed for the exam  - EU language and citizenship requirements  - Test types  - Test-taking strategies, timeline and best practices  
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    Last week we held a Live EPSO Questions & Answers Webcast, and we are happy to report that it was a great success!   Many candidates joined in to ask about the EPSO exams and we were more than happy to answer. Time constraints made it impossible to answer every question, but here we make up for it!   You can here all questions on EU careers, competitions, jobs, recruitment and exams in this latest Tips & tricks article.   We've also embedded the full recording of the event for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy, share and tell your friends!