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Become an EU Assistant and Secure a Lifetime Job 21 January 2015
Two of the biggest EU selection competitions of recent years have are now open.
495 new EU job opportunities! 9 January 2015
The biggest competition since 2010 for secretaries!
AD7 Applicants, the Pre-Selection Tests Are Beginning in Two Weeks 31 December 2014
For the AD7 specialist competition (EPSO/AD/293/14) computer-based admission tests will be organised in January 2015 only for candidates in half of the advertised fields. Click for details!
New Year Starts with a New Challenge for Secretaries 17 December 2014
2015 will start with the biggest EPSO competition of the year. Registration for the 2015 competition for secretaries (SC1/SC2) will open the 8th January, and we'll be holding a Free Webcast the very same day at 5 pm. Click for details!
New Competition for Assistants (AST 3) in the Field of Parliamentary Work 4 December 2014
EPSO announces new open competition for assistants (AST3) in the parliamentary field for the first time. Great opportunity for anyone who wants to work close to the centre of EU decison making.
Online EU Training wins .eu Web Awards 25 November 2014
We are proud and happy to have won a European award in the 'Laurels' category given by Eurid, the operator of the .eu domain. We couldn't have done it without you, so huge thanks for your continued support for Online EU Training!
EU Job Salary Calculator Tool 11 November 2014
If you ever wondered how much you would earn if you worked for the EU institutions, wonder no more! Online EU Training is proud to announce the web's first online EU salary calculation tool!
New EPSO AD7 competitions – Free information webcast 5 November 2014
On 13th November, we'll be holding a free information webcast to familiarize candidates with the eligibility requirements, competition structure and the test types. Register now!
EPSO AD5 Adminssion test results out by the end of the week 2 October 2014
EPSO AD5 Adminssion test results out by the end of the week.
Big news everyone! Online EU Training is on Google+ as well! 24 September 2014
Big news everyone! Online EU Training is on Google+ as well!
Introducing a brand new Case Study package 10 September 2014
So you passed the EPSO admission test and you are ready to prepare for the AC?
The translator exams have started - start preparing now! 26 August 2014
If you've applied for this year's translator competitions you might know that the booking and admission test period will close on 23 September. If you haven't yet booked your test, you can do so for another week, until 2nd of September.
How EU Agencies Recruit Their Staff: All-in-One Resource 24 June 2014
Ever wondered how EU agencies recruit their staff? Here is a one-stop-shop resource for ALL the EU Agencies, completely free!
Information and communication technology AST competition 16 June 2014
EPSO just announced a new AST competition for positions in the information and communication technology fields.
Final AD methodology webinars 3 June 2014
The admission phase of the 2014 AD cycle is slowly coming to an end - but we plan to send it off by two last live webinars on 10 & 17 June!
Brand new SJTs had arrived 26 May 2014
We are happy to announce that the new SJTs are here!
New EPSO Preparation Packages 21 May 2014
Earlier this year more than 500 of you completed our survey and answered questions about your preparation habits and expressed what you expect from Europe’s leading EPSO preparation site. The survey made it clear that you ask for more. So here you go!
New Practice Materials: What We Have Done and What We Have in Store 9 May 2014
We have expanded the Online EU Training test practice database with a lot of new materials in the past few months, and we have even more in store for you for the upcoming AD exams!
Countdown: 3 days Left to Register for This Year's AD Exam 13 April 2014
Noon (12:00) on 15 April is the very final moment you can submit and validate your application for the 2014 AD generalist (Public Administration) EPSO exam and get an EU job. Apply now or you'll be left waiting until 2015.
40 new positions in the Audit AD competitions 26 March 2014
EPSO just announced the number of positions available for the new Audit competitions.

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