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Conference Interpreters Here Is Your Chance To Work For An EU Institution 24 July 2015
The EU institutions are looking for Conference Interpreters with Czech, Croatian, Lithuanian or Maltese as their main language to be recruited as permanent staff (AD5/AD7).
Be Prepared For EPSO E-Tray Season! 8 July 2015
We are approaching that time, when the E-tray component of the competitions kick into gear. So what better time would there be to host a Live EPSO E-Tray Methodology Webinar, where attendees can ask all their pressing questions!
Achieve A Higher E-Tray Score – Practice Makes Perfect! 3 July 2015
Those EPSO candidates, who take the time to understand the right and wrong behaviours for each competency, strongly increase their chances of getting a higher score in the EPSO E-tray exam. This is where Online EU Training can help!
July EPSO Competition Deadlines! 24 June 2015
Some amazing EU job opportunities are currently available to apply for. Study each position’s Notice of Competition thoroughly, as it outlines the exact requirements expected from applicants.
Welcome Portuguese And Danish Speakers! 15 June 2015
Online EU Training is pleased to announce the addition of Portuguese and Danish to our ever expanding list of available practice test languages!
100 New Verbal Reasoning Questions To Enhance Your Performance! 12 June 2015
Fabulous news for our Spanish, German, Greek, Romanian and Italian speakers! Online EU Training has just added 100 NEW verbal reasoning questions to EACH language’s database.
The Next Junior Professionals In Delegations (JPD) Programme Is Now OPEN! 3 June 2015
Looking for an opportunity to gain hands-on experience in the work of Delegations? Want an in-depth understanding of the role they play in the implementation of EU external policies?
The Court Of Justice Is Looking For Lawyer-Linguists 26 May 2015
The European Personnel Selection Office (EPSO) has just released their EPSO/AD/304-307/15 Notice of Competition – that is Lawyer-Linguists with Bulgarian, Spanish, French or Italian as their main language (AD 7).
How EPSO Candidates Are Boosting Their Confidence 11 May 2015
Do you feel like you’ve hit a wall with your EPSO exam preparations and need help to improve your practice test grades further? There’s no need to feel overwhelmed or to doubt your abilities.
Work Abroad As An Administrator For Non-EU Countries 8 May 2015
The European Personnel Selection Office (EPSO) has just released their EPSO/AD/303/15 Notice of Competition – that is Administrators in the field of development cooperation and managing aid to non-EU countries (AD7).
E-Tray Exercise: Understand The Methodology To Succeed 29 April 2015
Don’t underestimate the importance of the E-tray exercise component of your EPSO competition or assume you will succeed. Understanding the logic behind this exercise and following strategies to maximise efficiency are vital.
Want To Work In EU Delegations Around The World? 13 April 2015
The European Personnel Selection Office (EPSO) has just released their EPSO/AST/135/15 Notice of Competition. The European External Action Service is recruiting for Heads of Administration (function group AST).
The Competition For Administrators In The Field Of Audit Has Been Released 26 March 2015
EPSO has just released their Notice of Competition, calling for all Administrators in the field of Audit to apply. Deadline for registration is 28 April, 2015.
Helping You Pass The EPSO Exams – New AD Methodology Webinar Dates! 24 March 2015
New AD preparation and methodology webinar dates have been released by Online EU Training. Select a date and mark it down in your calendar!
New AD, AST and SC Webinar Dates Announced! 16 March 2015
New EPSO preparation and methodology webinar dates have been released by Online EU Training. Select a date and mark it down in your calendar!
The year´s largest EPSO examinations are looming! 9 March 2015
Find out everything you need to know about the 2015 EPSO Administrator (AD) exams via our FREE 2015 EPSO AD Information Webcast.
AST 3 pre-selection test methodology revisited! 4 March 2015
New pre-selection exam setup for AST 3 candidates in the field of parliamentary work - new webinars. Click to learn more!
Online EU Training gets major content update 20 February 2015
We are happy to announce that Online EU Training, Europe's leading EPSO preparation program has received a significant update, offering you access to several new tests, new languages and question explanations. Read on for the details.
Extended registration deadline for Secretaries 6 February 2015
The application deadline for Secretaries and clerks for administrative/ financial/ secretarial support roles for the competition EPSO/AST-SC/03/15 has been extended till 17th February 12:00 pm.
Custom Training for the Secretaries Exam – Now Available! 28 January 2015
Online EU Training has just announced new custom webinars for the ongoing Secretaries Exam (EPSO/AST-SC/03/15). As always, our methodology webinars cover ALL tests in the exams.

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