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EPSO AD Assessment Centre: Webinar Recordings

EPSO AD Assessment Centre: Webinar Recordings

The results of the 2011 EPSO AD pre-selection will be published in a few days - it is time to start preparin for the all-important Asessment Centre!

While September (the scheduled time for Assessment Centres) may seem far away, summer months tend to elapse quickly.

Online EU Training held extremely popular EPSO AD Assessment Centre webinars last autumn for the 2010 EPSO AD competition. You can now get the recording of these two-part webinars (with a total duration of 210 minutes), covering the:

  • Structured Interview
  • Group Exercise
  • Case Study
  • Oral Presentation


Those purchasing the recording gain access to it for three weeks (unlimited viewing) and can also access the following supporting materials:

  • Information Docket
  • Webinar Workbook
  • Q&A memos
  • Presentations


Click Here to Get the Recording Now!


23 June 2011

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