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  • Are the exams similar to the ones the European Pesonnel Selection Office (EPSO) requires candidates to take and how do their difficulty level relate to EPSO's?


    The exams are very closely modelled on the exams EPSO requires candidates to take, which is reinforced by the 100s of clients of who have successfully passed the exam and now work in the EU.

    IMPORTANT: We fully respect copyright laws and EPSO content, therefore we only offer questions, tests and study materials that were independently compiled and do not infringe anyone's rights while being professionally similar to the ones offered by EPSO.

    Our questions' difficulty level is somewhat higher than what you will see on the examination, but we feel this only helps to prepare you for the the "real deal".

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  • Are the test questions different from those in The Ultimate EU Test Book?


    Yes, all the questions are completely different from those in the test book both for copyright reasons and also to make sure that the partnership between the test book and our website ensure maximum value to those customers who have bought Andras Baneth's book and also wish to practice abstract, verbal, numerical and other tests on our website.

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  • Are you planning to introduce tests in new languages?


    At present, we offer all of our test questions in English and French. In addition, we offer verbal reasoning tests in 11 more languages:

     - Bulgarian
     - German
     - Italian
     - Polish
     - Romanian
     - Spanish
     - Greek
     - Hungarian
     - Croatian
     - Danish
     - Dutch

    If your native language is not listed click here for more information.

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  • Can I revise my previous tests?


    Yes, definitively, you may revise any of your submitted tests any time, without limitation. You can also download your Situational Judgment Test reports again (if you bought such tests).

    Tests in progress, i.e. unfinished tests cannot be revised as the answers can still be changed until submitting the test.

    In revision mode, all answers are automatically shown, along with the related websites when applicable and the explanations, though this latter you can turn off if you'd like to.

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  • Can I revise ongoing tests?


    You have to Submit a test in order to revise it. If you Quit during the test, you will be able to continue answering any time later, or go back and change your answers - this is why it doesn't make sense to revise ongoing tests.

    Once you have Submitted a test, you can revise and compare you results. Check out the filters on the Revision & Statistics page to get more details about your progress.

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  • Do all EPSO test questions on your website have explanations?

    Solution: All of our question types come with an explanation except for some of the verbal reasoning questions in some languages.

    The following test types include explanations for all questions:

    - Numerical reasoning
    - Abstract reasoning
    - Situational Judgment
    - E-tray tests
    - Prioritizing and Organizing
    - Accuracy
    - Language comprehension

    Regarding the verbal reasoning domain we offer explanations for some of the questions:

    - In English (approx. 1000 questions with explanations and new items are added every day)
    - In Dutch (approx. 600 questions with explanatinos)
    - In German, Greek, Italian, Portugese, Romanian and Spanish (approx. 200 questions with explanations)
    - In Danish and French (approx. 100 questions and and more are added every day)

    The rest of our verbal reasoning questions do not have explanations yet, but we are working hard to constantly improve our question base.

    All explanations can be revealed during a test in Practice mode, or during the revision of any test taken.


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  • Do the questions have an expiration date?


    Absolutely not. All your questions will remain in your account until you use them. You can start a new test as long as you have questions in your account.

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  • Do you have any packages for the EPSO AST (Assistant) exams?


    Online EU Training has introduced its AST packages, fully tailored to the requirements of the EPSO Assistants competition!

    Check them out here!

    You might also want to:

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  • How many times can I use a question? And how many times can I revise a test?


    Our questions have no expiration date, your question balance has no expiration date. You can compose new tests as long as you have new questions on your account, and you can revise previous tests without any time limitation.

    We created a system that can help your EU exam preparation in the best possible way as follows:

    - after you buy an EPSO exam preparation package or a certain number of domain specific questions, you can use these questions to create new tests in any composition you wish

    - once you launch a new test, the number of questions that you put in there will be deducted from your account and you can use each question once, similarly to a test book where you mark your answer options

    - however, we created a system where you can retake any of your previously composed tests (you can do this by finding the test you wish to retake from the Statistics page) with the only exception of the Case Study Tests which you can only review after completing it once

    - after submitting or retaking a test, you can revise all your previous tests in revision mode where, as a special feature for our customers, we created an option to turn off the 'show explanation' feature to further improve the revision experience

    - moreover, revision is not limited in any way, you may revise previous tests and questions for an unlimited period and for an unlimited number of times.

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  • I have some tests left in one language and now want to switch them to another language. Can you do that for me?


    Absolutely! If you purchased your questions in the last three month, contact us and we will exchange your questions to another language in the same domain.

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  • If I buy a package with multiple languages, do I get the same questions in all the languages I select?


    Our database is large enough to ensure that the question in the various languages do not overlap. If you, for example, have Spanish and Romanian verbal reasoning questions in your account, they will all be unique tests. The system stores which questions you have used in a language, and makes it impossible for you to get the same question in a different language.

    One exception is if you buy so many questions that use up the entire database of several hundreds of questions, please ask us before to ensure that you do not receive overlaps.

    We work hard to ensure that you always get the number of fresh questions that you have paid for.

    Be sure to check out the different packages to get the most suitable ones for your preparation: Link

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  • In Revision & Statistics, how do you calculate the averages for all users?


    Let us suppose that you take a test with 5 questions. You answer three correctly, one incorrectly, and you leave one question unanswered.

    Your percentages will be: 60% correct, 20% incorrect, 20% unanswered.

    The number of users answering same questions:




    No Answer

    Q1: (out of 30 users)




    Q2: (out of 70 users)




    Q3: (out of 20 users)




    Q4: (out of 2 users)








    Q1: 30 people had this question in their test and submitted the test including this question.

    Q2: 70 people had this question in their test and submitted the test including this question.

    Q3: 20 people had this question in their test and submitted the test including this question.

    2 people had this question in their test and submitted the test including this question.

    Out of 30 people the correct answer for the question Q1 was given by 5 users;

    Out of 30 people an incorrect answer for the question Q1 was given by 15 users;

    Out of 30 people for the question Q1 10 users did not give any answer;

    Out of 70 people the correct answer for the question Q2 was given by 9 users;

    Out of 70 people the incorrect answer for the question Q2 was given by 11 users;

    Out of 70 people for the question Q2 50 users did not give any answer;

    ...and so on.

    The statistics is going to be the following:

    Total Correct Answers:  Total Correct Answers / (Total Correct Answers + Total Incorrect Answers + Total Unanswered Questions) * 100% = 17 / (17 + 35 + 70) * 100% ≈ 14%.

    Total Incorrect Answers:  Total Incorrect Answers / (Total Correct Answers + Total Incorrect Answers + Total Unanswered Questions) * 100% = 35 / (17 + 35 + 70) * 100% ≈ 29%

    Total Unanswered Questions:  Total Unanswered Questions / (Total Correct Answers + Total Incorrect Answers + Total Unanswered Questions) * 100% = 70 / (17 + 35 + 70) * 100% ≈ 57%



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  • What are the different exam types that I can set when composing a test? How does this relate to the diffficulty of the questions that will appear in the test?

    Solution: When composing a test, you can select the exam type you wish to simulate. There are three popular exam types we can simulate: AD (Administrator exams), AST (Assistant exams) and Translator.

    Each test contains a mix of questions od varying difficulty, just like in the real EPSO exam: a few easier questions to build confidence, a number of regular difficulty questions that make up the bulk of the test, and a few more difficult questions to allow the test to differentiate between really strong-performing candidates and those with a more average performance.

    The exam type you select will affect the mix of questions that will be included in the test.

    AD Exam Type
    About 20% of the questions are easier, 50% are of the regular difficulty and 30% are harder / more complex questions.

    AST Exam Type
    About 30% of the question are easier, 60% are of the regular difficulty and 10% are harder / more complex questions.

    Translator Exam Type
    This is a special preset which reflects EPSO's new practice of focusing more on verbal abilities for translators and less of numerical skills. Accordingly, this exam type has a 10%-40%-50% easier-regular-complex difficulty make-up for verbal reasoning tests, a 20%-50%-30% difficulty make-up for abstract reasoning tests (similar to the AD exam type), and a 30%-50%-20% difficulty make-up for numerical reasoning test, reflecting the reduced weight of this test in EPSO exams.

    The exam type applied does not depend on the package you purchased. You can change the exam type of your test any time you start a new test, and if you feel that a particular preset is more or less challenging than you expected, we encourage you to experiment with the other presets as well.

    The exam type can be set for each test type separately or, when using the quick exam selector feature, it is set automatically for each test type by the system.

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  • What can i do if want to buy just a few more EPSO-style test questions from a given domain?


    You have the option of quickly adding some extra questions to your account when composing a test on the Start Test or Compose Test page (these are available for those who have already bought questions or a package).

    Just click on the little green plus sign in the "Buy More Questions" column and use the pop-up window to buy the number of questions you wish to add to your account.

    Alternatively, you can also check the Custom Package page in the EPSO Tests menu to create a personalised set of questions.

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  • I missed the live webinar I needed! Can I access a recording of it instead?


    Yes, all our webinars are recorded!

    Simply contact our customer support team and specify the name and date of the webinar you need the recording of. They will make available for your account a special item, which you can then add to your shopping cart - we will also include the summary document, containing all the questions and answers that occurred in the webinar!

    After payment, you will receive a link to access the recording of the webinar and its summary documents. You will have access to the webinar recording for 50 days and can view it as often as you wish. We can also extend your access to the webinar past the initial expiry date by contacting our Customer Support Team.

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  • I'm not a technical expert, do I need to have great computer skills to participate?


    Absolutely not!

    A webinar is as easy as browsing on the internet or using our website - if you can do these, you can participate in the event!

    You will be given a special web link that you need to click on to participate in the event, after that everything will be self-evident: an intuitive interface will show where you can see a shared presentation, chat with the instructor or his assistant, listen to his lecture, answer interactive polls or questions, and participate as if you were sitting right next to him.

    If you nevertheless encounter any technical issue, we will assist you immediately, and we also provide detailed information to make sure your technical system is fully capable of participating in the webinar (99% of computers in the world are suitable, so nothing to worry about!).

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  • If I cannot attend the live event, what can I do?


    If you cannot attend the live event (or part of it), the link to the recording of the event and its summary documents will be emailed to you the day after the event, or as soon as tecnically possible.

    You will have access to the webinar recording for 50 days and can view it as often as you wish. We can also extend your access to the webinar past the initial expiry date by contacting our Customer Support Team.

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  • If I cannot join the event on time, can I still enter?



    If you cannot make the exact starting time, just join us later. You can always view the recorded version of the part you missed later.

    After payment, you will receive a link to access the recording of the webinar and its summary documents. You will have access to the webinar recording for 50 days and can view it as often as you wish. We can also extend your access to the webinar past the initial expiry date by contacting our Customer Support Team.

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  • Is a Webinar really useful? Is it like a YouTube video?


    A webinar is even better than a traditional classroom course as webinars have an even higher engagement from participants who are not restricted by group pressure or lack of time to ask questions that are relevant to their personal situation, as you can do it online or even after the course via e-mail to the same trainer.

    The slides are shown with live explanations, and if you wish to put a question on their content, you can do so easily via chat. You are also requested to take part in the interactive exercises to make sure your learning is maximised.

    You can even watch the recorded event afterwards to refresh the content or in case you missed the course - something that you could never do in a traditional classroom setting.

    Finally, you don't need to waste time and money with travelling to the course location as you can participate from the convenience of your office or home via your computer.

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  • Is the image and audio quality good?


    Like a TV broadcast - even with a dial-up (56K) internet speed you can have a clear video and audio quality, given the platform's super-strong architecture. A life-like, clear voice is guaranteed on your computer speakers, and the presentations, interactive exercises are shown optimised on your screen.

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  • What happens if I get disconnected during the course?


    That is not something to worry about as you can re-connect any moment with the same link immediately during the course.

    You will also be given access to the recording, and our technical team will be on duty during the event to help you resolve all questions.

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  • What is a 'Webinar'? Why do you say it's 'LIVE'?


    A webinar is the abbreviation of Web Seminar. This means that you can simply log on to a special webpage (the address is provided to paid-up participants before the event) where you are connected to a special platform.

    It is LIVE because the tutor is presenting methods and information in a live broadcast that you can immediately see and hear on your computer screen and speakers.

    When he turns a page on his PowerPoint presentation, it is shown on your screen. When he asks you to answer a question or a poll, you can chat LIVE or click on a button to provide feedback - making it a fully interactive experience.

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  • What is the difference between a personal coaching and a webinar?

    Solution: The major difference between the personal coaching and our webinars lies in their objectives: the aim of the coaching is to improve your personal performance and give you advice that is completely individual and relevant to you. Webinars are less personal given their nature,  but offer a wealth of helpful insights to improve your performance. 

    If you participate in a live webinar, at the live event you can ask questions via chat that the lecturer addresses directly. You also receive background materials and a lot of tips&tricks. The event is recorded so that you can watch it as many time as you wish.

    Online EU Training offers two types of personal coaching services: Pre-Selection Personal Coaching or Assessment Centre Personal Coaching sessions. Candidates receive focused attention and personally tailored guidance from capable instructors during any level of the EPSO selection process. During the personal coaching sessions your personal performance are examined and improved on within the EPSO framework.

    As you can see both preparation tools are extremely useful however, the way they achieve their objectives are different.


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  • What should I do if I cannot hear the presenter or cannot see the slides?


    If you have audio issues or you cannot see the content the presenter is sharing, always try the following first:

    1. Please make sure your speakers are turned on or your headphones are connected.

    2. Please make sure your computer is not muted - you can check it by going to YouTube and listing to a video with sound.

    3. Please make sure all your audio out levels are set high. In Windows, you can check this by right-clicking on the speaker icon in the taskbar and select Details or Volume Mixer.

    4. If, during the webinar, you stop hearing audio or the content does not change on screen for a prolonged period of time, you can close the webinar window and click on the link in the information email again. You can always listen to the part you missed from the recording we will send you.

    5. You might also like to check the solutions and suggestions on this page:

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  • Why do you charge this fee? Can't it be for free?


    Our policy is to offer professional quality services to our customers, which nevertheless requires lots of efforts on our side as well. We wish to provide you with a targeted EPSO-preparation tool that will increase your chances to pass the pre-selection exams.

    To achieve this ambitious goal, we will use a professional technology, a wealth of verbal/numerical/abstract reasoning exercises, EU situational judgment test samples, personalised advice and free follow-up answers if needed.

    This course is aimed for committed, serious participants who wish to maximise their chances of success to get an EU job and pursue an EU career.

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  • Are you related to EPSO or any other EU institution?


    No, we are completely independent from EPSO and other EU institutions, but we work with lots of Brussels based experts who either had worked in the EU institutions or have a perfect understanding of the EU system.

    It is also important to underline that we fully respect all copyright issues while working with EU professionals and business psychologists.

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  • Is registration completely free?



    We would like to offer our customers an opportunity to register for free and receive newsletters with constant updates and open competitions on a regular basis, including access to some select e-learning courses and FREE EPSO test packages.

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  • Is there more than one language available?


    Definitely yes!

    Verbal Reasoning questions are available in 11 languages:

    Bulgarian, Croatian, English, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Romanian and Spanish.
    All other tests are available in English and French.

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  • What other services do you offer on this website?


    While EPSO preparation is a traditional strength for Online EU Training, we have opened into new fields of activity all within the EU affairs domain:


    We offer regular Webinars - Live seminars online - for EPSO and CAST tests, including Verbal, Numerical, Abstract Reasoning and Situational Judgment tests.

    EU jobs

    We have long been posting ads for EPSO jobs and have now decided to respond to your need for a comprehensive, highly professional EU affairs job bank.

    We hope you will enjoy the ever enriching features of our website.

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  • Will you send me by post some materials or everything is online?


    All tests are only accessible online.

    For your information, no physical (postal) shipment is made.

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  • Can I download and print the questions I have bought?


    All our tests, e-learning courses and EPSO packages are only accessible Online.

    Our Tips&Tricks articles can be printed out for your convenience.

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  • Can I use my package on different computers or only on the one I’ve made the purchase from?

    Your package is not restricted to a computer in any way, you can use it on any computer with internet access - all you need to know is your Login Name and Password.

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  • Do I have to use my own credit card to pay for your packages, or can I use somebody else's card as well?


    You can pay with any card you wish (as long as it’s not stolen ;-), just make sure you are logged in to your own account during checkout.

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  • Do I need internet connection to be able to use my package?


    Yes, you need to be connected to the internet the whole time you wish to use your package.

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  • How can I register on the EU Training website? Where is the registration form?


    You can register on our website for free at the following link so you can have access to our free packages and more!


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  • What forms of payment are accepted? Is payment safe?


    Regarding payment, the system will offer you online credit card payment (immediate access), payment via PayPal (immediate access) or Virtual Euro Account (immediate access).

    i) Online credit card payment: immediate access. 

    Accepted cards:  Mastercard,Visa (please note that Visa Electron card is not always supported).

    Credit card payment is real-time, the transaction is secured by a 128-bit SSL coded system, verified by the most trusted seal, Verisign and provided by the the two leading payment providers, PayPal and Realex Payments.

    ii) Virtual Euro Account: immediate access. 
    Every time you buy a package, you will get 5% back as Virtual Euros on your Virtual Euro Account. The next time you buy a package, you can use these Virtual Euros to pay for it, or just pay for a part of it if you don't have enough Virtual Euros on your account, and pay for the rest via any other method.

    For further information, please check our Terms of UsePrivacy Policy or feel free to contact us anytime.

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