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EPSO Exams and Preparation: Headphones

Hi everybody,
may I ask you something little unusual?
I would like to know if it's allowed the use of headphones to hear some music during CBT.
I guess the answer is no. But, just in case someone know what is stated in Epso rules...
Thank you

Watch This Topic By:, 15 May 2012, 15:54:51

15 May 2012, 16:02:52

As communicated in the second message you got in your epso-account: No it is not allowed.

• You must complete your admission tests without any aids or equipment other than those
provided by the centre. To that end, all prohibited items must be deposited in the lockers
before entering the test room. Such items include, but are not restricted to:
o watch
o paper and pen
3 (5)
o any written and printed matter (i.e. books, dictionaries, thesauruses, pamphlets,
publications, notes, including these instructions)
o briefcases, bags, etc.
o calculators, including watch calculators
o computers, including palm tops
o mobile telephones, beepers, pagers
o personal organisers
o iPADs, iPODs, MP3 players, radios or other sound equipment
o photographic devices
o slide rules
• To avoid potential disturbances, any equipment or belongings which produce sound (such
as alarms) must be turned off and deposited in the lockers. (...)"

15 May 2012, 16:09:21

I believe that the answer is no. You are not allowed to bring anything with you, including tissues...

15 May 2012, 16:09:39

You asked the question and you gave the answer :-)
See Rules of conduct

15 May 2012, 16:13:07

@ strangequark
thank you for infos and your efficiency&kindness

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