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This Website - Features, Problems, Request: When will you stopp your technical problems

It is a shame that every week more and more technical problems occur. Professional learning and proper preparation is not possible this way as there is currently any good access to the tests and unfortunately it is getting worse and wors.

Watch This Topic By: cytoba, 1 January 2011, 14:28:53

23 February 2011, 22:25:54

Dear Cytoba, sorry if you encountered problems - it may have been related to your local settings or updates were adding to our service. If there is any issue that you still encounter, please contact us so we can fix it immediately and get back to you asap. Thank you and hope you are having a great preparation!

Title: EPSO Assessment Centre Candidate Reports

Description: A 7-page-long collection of tips, tricks and experiences of four EPSO candidates.

Number of pages: 7

( 1336 KB, PDF)