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Personal Coaching

"I am very grateful for the Assessment training exercise that you delivered. Your advice and tips will most definitely be very helpful and I can honestly say I will be much more confident about it now that I attended your simulation practice session and know exactly what parts I still need to work on in the coming days. I will also try to keep reminding myself that life begins at the end of our comfort zone and I hope this will help me with the group exercise at the AC as well." - Ziva Urlep, Translator (Slovenia)

Coaching Services Offered

  • Expert with deep EPSO knowledge to help you succeed in the exam
  • Coaching service for the assessment centre stage
  • One-on-one coaching in Brussels in person or via Skype
  • The coaching rate is 150 € / hour in person (minimum of 2 hours) or 120€ / hour over Skype

The coaching includes (according to your needs)

  • personalised analysis of the EPSO exam you are taking
  • AC strategies and best practices
  • effective training schedule
  • simulation for the structured interview, oral presentation review
  • advice on the talent screener, hints for the case study


Our coach - Mr. Jan De Sutter

As a trained assessor and former President of an EPSO selection board, I know exactly what assessors look for in a candidate and how the selection process is done. The Assessment Centre is not a mystery, yet many candidates perform below their potential as they are in an unfamiliar environment where words, actions and body language matter more than they would initially assume. Improving competencies may take some time and self-practice, and I can help you increase your chances of success via simulation exercises, preparation for the Assessment Centre day and improving your self-confidence about the oral presentation, structured interview, group exercise or the case study.


"I would like to thank you for a very pleasant and useful coaching. I was able to apply a lot of it during my day at the assessment centre." - Simon