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Personal EPSO Test Coaching

Coaching Services Offered:

 - EPSO experts with deep knowledge to help you succeed in the exam

 - Coaching services for the pre-selection stage

 - One-on-one coaching via online tutoring

 - The coaching includes (according to your needs):

       - personalised analysis of the EPSO exam you are taking

       - test-taking strategies and best practices

       - effective EPSO training schedule

       - proven methodology for all pre-selection tests

Our rate is 150 € / hour (including VAT).

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Personal Coach:

Gabor Mikes

Mr. Gabor MIKES
Managing Director, Online EU Training


Gabor is a linguist-turned-psychometric-test-expert. At Online EU Training, he has trained over 700 people in online webinars and in classroom across Europe. He offers a unique methodology for being successful at the exams and is available for one-on-one web-based coaching in all EPSO tests upon request.

Title: The Perfect Case Study Guidebook

Description: Tips and tricks for succeeding in the EPSO Case Study Excercise.

Number of pages: 25

( 6933 KB, PDF)