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8 April 2015Abstract Reasoning: Visual Overload

In this issue of our abstract reasoning guides we are going to look at something we like to call visual overload.

Visual overload comes into play when an item has so much stuff going on that it looks confusing and chaotic.


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31 March 20152015 EPSO AD Competition: How The Changes Affect Your Chances ...

There have been major  changes this year to the EPSO AD Competition that will greatly affect your preparation  for the exams. Here is our  advice on how you should approach the exams to maximise your chances of success.

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12 February 20155 Ultimate EPSO Tips from Rafael Nadal

Did you know that Rafael Nadal actually once passed the EPSO Exam, but decided to be the world’s best tennis player instead?

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20 October 20148 Steps to Ace the EPSO Case Study

A step-by-step guide to plan and schedule your preparation to become an EPSO Case Study pro by the time you enter the exam room.

Tips on getting to know the exam structure, and a comprehesive list of resources at each step to improve your skills.

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Title: EU Administrator Exams Workbook - Volume I.

Description: The first volume of the EPSO AD workbooks covers abstract, numerical and verbal reasoning.

Number of pages: 8

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