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20 October 20148 Steps to Ace the EPSO Case Study

A step-by-step guide to plan and schedule your preparation to become an EPSO Case Study pro by the time you enter the exam room.

Tips on getting to know the exam structure, and a comprehesive list of resources at each step to improve your skills.

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22 September 201458 Little Big Details About The EPSO Assessment Centre

Do you know what the recommended AC dress code is? Is it better to be the first to talk at group exercise? Should you speak about your personal life in the structured interview?

These are just a few examples of the questions András got whilst and after the Assessment Centre webinar last week. If you are looking for validation, support or you have absolutely no idea how the Assessment Centre works, this is the perfect supplement collection to every official brochure.


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5 September 2014Case Studies - All the Details You Wanted to Know

András held yet another spirited case study webinar last week, and as usual, the participants had many questions to him. Here he collected and answers the most interesting ones to dispel the mist in connection with some reccurring concerns.

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2 July 20145 Things To Do If You Really Want To Become an EU Administrator

So this year’s biggest EPSO exam just ended and you just realised that you want to become an EU Administrator? You didn’t pick the best timing, but despair not: here are five things you can do right now to start working toward that goal!

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Title: The Perfect Case Study Guidebook

Description: Tips and tricks for succeeding in the EPSO Case Study Excercise.

Number of pages: 25

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