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18 August 2015What Is The Difference Between the EPSO SJT and E-Tray Exercise?

The importance of competency testing has significantly increased within the European Personnel Selection Office, so much so, that it takes centre stage in their selection processes. 

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Tags:   SJT, E-tray

16 July 2015Must Know EPSO E-Tray Exercise Basics

The EPSO e-tray exercise has been a part of the Assistants (AST) exam for a long time, but from 2015 it became even more important when the European Personnel Selection Office (EPSO) decided to integrate this type of test into the Administrators (AD) competition process as well.

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16 June 2015Tough Situational Judgement Test Questions - Is Doing Overtime...

While practicing for the EPSO exams, have you ever come up against a question asking about your willingness to do overtime? This can be a rather difficult question to answer particularly if you don’t know the internal staff regulations of the EU Institutions and their stance on such matters.

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19 May 201536 Tips To Help You Get An EU Job Once You Are On The Reserve ...

Congratulations! You’ve excelled in the EPSO selection process and made it onto the Reserve List. NOW WHAT?! Have you ever wondered what you’ll need to do once you get there? 

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