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In this Online EU Training webcast, we cover everything you need to know about the 2012 EPSO Administrator (AD5, AD7) exams/competitions. These include eligibility and the typical tasks of EU administrators, place of work and benefits. We will also discuss the best preparation and practice strategies and how Online EU Training can help.

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Video Transcript:

AD5 & AD7 - General Information and Work Experience

AD5 as EPSO labels it, the entry level competition. And by that it means that no work experience is required. But just as important to say, is that if you would have work experience you are free to apply for this exam just as much as anyone else. So the minimum requirement is that there is no work experience needed. Even soon to be graduates can apply, which means that if you get your diploma before the 31st of July, 2012 this year, you can certainly apply for the AD5 competition. There's no age limit, which is a very important and welcome rule that EPSO has set. There's no age limit regardless of your age and as I said regardless of your work experience you can apply for the AD5 exams. As long as you have a diploma or in some cases you need to have a specific diploma.

For AD7 you need work experience. So the key and crucial difference is that you need to have at least six years of work experience, provided that you have a diploma of at least four years of university. And that means that if you have done say a bachelor and then you needed a Masters, you should have that four years of university. So in that case if you have worked six years, in any field, if you were a trainee, if you were a waiter or if you were in any kind of other positions. As long as it was a valid work experience of six years in total you are eligible for the AD7. [CORRECTION: this information is incorrect. In fact you need a work experience relevant to the duties of the position you are applying for.] There is a minor rule there that if your university studies were three years then you need to have one additional year of work experience. So in that case it's seven years and that one additional year it needs to be in a relevant field. So say if you did communication studies, and the one year of your relevant work experience would be say a traineeship or internship at the website, at the blog, at the newspaper at the T.V. station.

Also the same rule applies for AD7, there is no age limit.

AD5 & AD7 - Profiles

The five dominions are quite well known to everyone just for the sake of completeness let me repeat these. There is the European Public Administration, this is the broadest possible field. It can include any kind of policy officer working in the environment field. Or it can mean even in the development aid field or any kind of policy making in the tree area. That's a very broad domain. Law is a rather self-evident. It's quite clear what a lawyer does. Then audit might not be that obvious. Audit in the EU context, is say a person working at the European Court of Auditors. Or that could be someone in the audit field of the Internal Audit Service of the European Commission.

Communication, that's a very popular profile, a very popular domain. And that entails anything or everything from the field of web communication, including relations with the press, surveys Euro barometer and many related areas. External relations, this is an interesting domain. In the sense that until now, as far as I remember there were only temporary positions available in the external relations field. And this the first time or at least in a long time this is the first occasion I can recall when a prominent EU official position has opened up the possibility to become a permanent official in the external relations field. Even though with a limited number of places, nevertheless the simple fact of having this included here I hope it shows a very positive trend. And here is just as I mentioned a few examples for the auditing. There is another example for the communication that I have already covered. Or, for instance, for the lawyer it is a very classic, very, very typical job for an EU lawyer to work in the legal service of the European Parliament or the Council of Ministers or the European Commission, as a matter of fact. And then lastly like a policy administrator in the external relations field in the Parliament Committee on Foreign Affairs.

AD5 & AD7 - Salary

Now, why is this is a great opportunity? Obviously the salary is a very important element in the attractiveness of European Affairs' jobs or EU institution jobs. Not to mention the very attractiveness of covering European and global issues and global affairs. And just as a side note, when it comes to giving some tips on methodology, not in the pre-selection phase, but in the assessment center this is a very important factor of you showing commitment to the idea of having the European level thinking instead of a national level thinking and covering issues of global importance. So you, as a candidate are actually expected to have this kind of motivational element in your application.

Then another great other element of why EU jobs are a great opportunity in terms of relatively generous health insurance and European schools. And these days it's gaining in momentum of having a very good job security element to it. This is a quick look at the salaries. There are various factors to consider in an EU official salary. That could be the number of children or that could be whether you had been recruited from Belgium or from outside Belgium. Did you have to relocate to take up your EU job. But roughly speaking then that salary is around 4,200 Euros for an AD5-level EU official. For AD7, roughly it's around 5,500 Euros.

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