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How to pass the test



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In this Online EU Training webcast, we cover everything you need to know about the 2012 EPSO Administrator (AD5, AD7) exams/competitions. These include eligibility and the typical tasks of EU administrators, place of work and benefits. We will also discuss the best preparation and practice strategies and how Online EU Training can help.

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Video Transcript:

The Big Question: How to pass the test?

And then the big question on how to pass the test. There are four key ideas here which are relatively simple, much harder to do. Is practice persistently  and very, very intensively. Look at methodology, make sure you understand the way these reasoning tests and the situational judgment is constructed, is designed. Make sure that you do not give up after two or three weeks of preparation. Or where you feel may be frustrated that you're not progressing as good as you would like to be. And do a lot of simulation. A lot of simulation and make sure that you understand the computer environment, the online test interface that you are going to be presented with at the exam center. So, practicing for a month ideally is very good. Even longer far better, because that is going to have a very positive impact.

Prepare. Try to prepare for an hour a day, or at least on weekdays or more intensively. If you cannot during the week, then on the weekend. Look at the methodology try to do realistic scenarios, realistic exam simulation.

How Can Online EU Training Help You

And we are very happy to show you what we offer in helping you prepare for the test. We have different reasoning test, situational judgment test. We do offer easy, medium, hard, different level of difficulty questions. The verbal reasoning in ten languages, this is a nice Italian example. We have the numerical reasoning in English and French. Abstract reasoning, where language is obviously not important apart from the explanations. Very large selection of abstract reasoning tests, situational judgment tests which are professionally created by an occupational psychologist, an expert in assessment centers. Someone who has decade expertise in creating situation of judgment tests and uses a very scientific and accurate method of mirroring the system that E PSO itself is using.

We offer you revision of statistics so you can track your progress. You can look at the percentage improvement and you can benchmark yourself compared to others. Are you better then the people who took the very same questions as you did? Are you performing better? Would you be the better one? Would you beat them at the EU recruitment competition?

Statistics again and something I'd like to call your attention to is that we have, not just a pre-selection in SJT test, but we have methodology webinars, on abstract reasoning and verbal reasoning. We have a numerical and SJT. And something which we have just launched which is called math refresher. If you feel a little bit lost in the world of subtractions and divisions that's for you, to make sure that you understand and you remember the mathematics operations.

On the other side, we have on the website tons of free eBooks. We have invested a lot of time and energy to share as much information with you as possible, totally free. There is no commitment, just make sure you click on it and immediately you can read the 72 questions and answers about the EPSO, test. You can look at the verbal reasoning methodology, or a more general description on working with or working for the European Union. Ideas with tons of tips & tricks articles, etc.

The Ultimate EU Test Book

This is my little baby, the test book, which is now in the 2012 edition. It's something like the ninth edition, I believe, which has detailed descriptions on the exams and methodology for all the pre-selection and the assessmentcenter phase. Here are the links to all of this material and now, you might be wondering, "But Andras, you promised us a certain discount code.'" So I certainly will not let you down.

Here is the discount code that I'm sharing with everyone and it's a very special 8% off. We made sure that it's a significant discount from any product or any service that you can find on the website. It's valid for 24 hours only, so until tomorrow 7:00 p.m., Brussels time, this code can be used. It's ADWC12. Basically it's the Administrator, AD, Webcast 2012, so it's ADWC12, and that code will give you eight percent off on any product or any service on the website. If you decide that you'd like to sign up for a package and online simulation for a live webinar.

I would like to thank everyone for your attention, for having been with us for one hour and I truly hope that this was useful information and practical information. As promised, the nine tips that I briefly covered, we will definitely put up a tips and tricks article, I would say, within a week. Hopefully by next Monday even, but within a week we will share that on our Facebook page and on the website and it will be featured in our email newsletters as well, to make sure that you get full, completely free useful information. And that we can welcome you in Brussels, that's where our institutions operate and that you can become an EU official and make your dream come true.

Thank you very much for your attention. Saying bye to everyone from Brussels, all over to the rest of the world. And please do get in touch with us. Send us emails if you have any questions, we are always very happy to share information with you and help you succeed at the exam. Once again, thank you and good night, everyone.

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