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9 worries - 9 answers



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In this Online EU Training webcast, we cover everything you need to know about the 2012 EPSO Administrator (AD5, AD7) exams/competitions. These include eligibility and the typical tasks of EU administrators, place of work and benefits. We will also discuss the best preparation and practice strategies and how Online EU Training can help.

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Video Transcript:

9 Worries and 9 Answers About the EPSO Competitions

There are nine worries, and nine answers that I could discuss, but we are running short on time. So what I propose, what I will do is, we will write a tips & tricks article within a few days, publish it on the website so that I can address all these nine worries that I prepared for you, and you will have an extensive explanation for each one of these.

Let's just look at what I had in mind. One is, "Can I apply for multiple exams, or can I apply for AD5AD7?" This I have partly addressed but I will expand on it more in the article. "If I fail can I apply again?" Very briefly put, yes you can. There is no limitation on how many exams you can sit. Number three is, "Are there national or linguistic quotas?" A very sensitive and interesting topic.

Number four is "Can I use the time I save on one test and use it for another like from verbal and carry it over to the abstract reasoning?" I will certainly specify in detail, my advice on that. "Is the difficulty of AD5AD7 test the same?" Well this is something that I can quickly answer. Yes the two exams have the same level of difficulty at the exam. The formal criteria are different.

"Which domain or profile should I choose?" I already talked about it at length, but I will come back to it so you will see our tips & tricks on our suggestions for you, which domain or profile should you choose. And then there is the "What is the secret to succeed?" That's a very open ended question. But we do have suggestions. We do have tips on that. I'll definitely share that in the article.

And then "Which cities, countries can I take the exam in?" That's more of a technical nature. There are several, over 37 or even more exam centers around the world. So you can take it almost everywhere. Not just in Europe but globally. We will link it, we'll try to look it up online to the exam centers. So you could easily decide where you would like to sit the exam depending on your travel plans, depending on your different trips.

And number 9 is "When is the exam actually going to be? Should I apply early?" Again something I discussed briefly at the beginning. But I'll come back to this and give you tips on how the timing and especially the preparation timing you're run-up, to the exam should be structured for maximum success for maximum impact.

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